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Jolie Home Paint Information and How-To Videos


Jolie Products

Jolie paints, brushes, and complementary products are developed with the customer in mind to make it easy to refresh your furniture and transform your home. Expertly designed to provide exceptional versatility, coverage, and durability, Jolie products allow anyone to be creative and achieve breathtaking results.


The Jolie Everyday Guide


The Jolie Everyday Guide is the essential beginner's guide to learn six of Jolie Home's signature finishes. It covers everything from materials, preparing your surfaces, step-by-step techniques, applying Finishing Wax and Floor Varnish, mixing colors, cleaning, and care.


The Basic Finish
The Smooth Finish
The Textured Finish
The Distressed Finish
The Dry Brush Finish
The Washed Finish

Available as a digital download.


The Jolie Embellishment Guide


Add depth with colored Jolie Finishing Waxes, add metallics with Jolie Gilding Wax or Jolie Gold Size and Metal Leaf, or mix your own colored Finishing Wax by adding a little Jolie Paint! Download the Embellishment Guide to learn everything you need.


Colored Finishing Wax
Custom Colored Finishing Wax
Metal Leaf and Gold Size
Gilding Wax

Available as a digital download.


The Jolie Cabinet Guide


Designed for professionals and DIYers, the Jolie Cabinet Guide simplifies the process of painting cabinetry by breaking it down into manageable steps. Learn how to prepare your cabinets, the best painting techniques, and how to apply topcoats, including Jolie Finishing Wax and Jolie Varnish.

Follow the guide to achieve a complete cabinet makeover in your kitchen, bathroom, or pantry. You’ll feel proud of what you’ve accomplished and inspired by your refreshed space.

Available as a digital download.

Video Tutorials

Jolie products are super easy to use. Watch the how-to videos below to learn our favorite techniques and create the perfect finish for your space.

 Everyday Guide Finishes  Embellishment Techniques  Color Mixing  Additional Techniques  Project Inspiration 


The Everyday Guide Finishes

The Basic Finish

The basic finish embodies a classic hand painted look with a soft texture. Apply Jolie Paint loosely, leaving subtle brushstrokes behind.


The Smooth Finish

The smooth finish is perfect for modern interiors or furniture that lends itself to modern design. The flat brushwork will appear sleek and contemporary.


The Washed Finish

A washed finish is simple and beautiful. By thinning the paint with water, you can apply a translucent layer of color to highlight carvings, texture, or wood grain.


The Dry Brush Finish

Dry brushing is a great way to highlight details, edges, or carvings. The best results are achieved when you select accent colors that add soft contrast to your projects.


The Textured Finish

The textured finish is used to achieve a more rustic look, especially when used with colored Jolie Finishing Waxes. It highlights imperfections and creates depth on flat surfaces.


The Distressed Finish

The distressed finish creates a look that suggests subtle aging or wear over time. It is the perfect way to introduce patina and history to freshly painted surfaces.

Embellishment Techniques

Applying Jolie Finishing Wax

Learn how to use Jolie Finishing Wax on your painted pieces. Jolie Finishing Wax has a soft consistency, no odor, and easy application. Create a variety of finishes with Clear, White, Brown, or Black Finishing Wax or create your own custom colored Wax.


Jolie Gold Size and Metal Leaf on Furniture

Learn how to use Jolie Gold Size and Jolie Metal Leaf. Applying Metal Leaf is an authentic way of adding metallic accents to furniture, walls, ceilings, and accessories.


How to Embellish with Jolie Waxes

Learn how to create more character on your painted furniture by layering on colored Jolie Finishing Waxes and Jolie Gilding Waxes.


How to Apply Jolie Gold Size and Metal Leaf on Accessories

Learn how to use Jolie Gold Size and Jolie Metal Leaf. Applying Metal Leaf is an authentic way of adding metallic accents to furniture, walls, ceilings, and accessories.

Color Mixing

Color Mixing

Jolie Paint colors can be mixed to create beautiful custom colors. Each color is highly pigmented which allows you to make gorgeous mixtures without losing intensity. Watch this video to learn how to create the the perfect custom mix.


Uptown Ecru and Pure White

Here is one of our custom mixes from the Kiwi Colour Collection! Mixing equal parts of Pure White and Uptown Ecru creates the warm ivory color found in the wool of merino sheep, the chest of the yellow-eyed penguin, and the sun bouncing off Mount Cook's snow-capped peaks in New Zealand. It is also a great neutral that will work with various styles in your home.


Olive Green and Bliss

Here is one of our custom mixes from the Aussie Colour Collection! The 1 : 1 mix of Bliss and Olive Green is reminiscent of sprawling ferns from Great Otway National Park, the gorgeous colour variations in gum tree bark, and green grapes from Australia's wine regions. It is a great choice to add a subtle pop of color in your interiors.

Additional Techniques

Updating Cabinets with Jolie Paint

Learn how to paint your cabinets with Jolie Paint. Jolie Paint is a great option for transforming outdated cabinetry, including kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

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