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Staalmeester Paint Brushes & Rollers

Step up your Collection of Brushes and Rollers!!


When starting off with a new or dry brush submerge into water to the ferrule briefly just to dampen the bristles. Give the bristles including the string a squeeze so that the brush is barely damp. Dip your brush into the paint only halfway up the bristles, otherwise it is too much paint on the brush, and cleanup will be more work. Should you notice any brush strokes, you have too much paint on your brush. You don’t want to see paint dripping off your brush, you want enough that when you go to apply the brush, it doesn’t drag across, but slides nicely across without minimal effort. 


Do not allow your brush to sit idle as the paint will dry onto the bristles. Keep a damp washcloth handy to wrap your brush should you need to stop painting for any reason, this will prevent the paint from drying on the brush. 

These brushes are not designed to be disposable as they are up to the task of being used for many years.

Ever wondered how it is that Professional Painters get such an incredible finish?

Let us tell you...when you combine the very best paint, with the very best brushes, perfection comes easily!

Choose from our collection of 15 carefully curated Staalmeester brushes.

Staalmeester® has been manufacturing brushes for over 70 years.

Staalmeester® synthetic blend bristles can be used with of all types of paint, however, we are particularly happy with the way it performs with Fusion Mineral Paint.

The Natural Series

The Natural Series contains brushes with pure white Chungking bristles which are well suited for water-based paints, milk paints, stains & wax.

Helps to create textured finishes.

The Original Series

The Staalmeester® Original Series contain the Staalmeester® fiber mix, which is a combination of white natural Chungking bristles and synthetic bristles. The natural bristles hold more moisture allowing for a smooth application.

This series was designed for all types of water-based paints and can be recognized by the coppered ferrule.

The Pro-Hybrid Series

The Pro-Hybrid series brushes are characterized by their 100% synthetic fiber so that a brush stroke free result is easily achieved.

Featuring an INOX ferrule, excellent for all paints.

One by Staalmeester® Series

This unique ultra-soft synthetic fiber provides the most flawless smooth application. These are the best for beginner painters to achieve a brush stroke free finish. The One collection contains a special selection of finishing and artist brushes that aren’t available in any other Staalmeester® series.

The One series can be used with all types of paint and finishes.

When you properly maintain the One brushes, they retain their shape, flexibility, and softness, even after years of intensive use.

Staalmeester Rollers

The Staalmeester® quality management system ensures the same standard as for their brushes. The rollers are therefore suited for all lacquers and varnishes, and give a smooth & equal finish.

Fusion Mineral Paint

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