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Fusion Mineral Paint Prep Information and How-To Videos

A little prep goes a long way! Not sure where to start? Below you will find videos and blogs about prepping before painting.

One of the most important steps before you start any project... CLEANING

Cleaning with Odourless Solvent to remove any wax buildup in the crevices of your project and then using TSP Alternative to remove any leftover grime and oils.

Why is this so important?

What happens when you pour water over oil? It beads away, right. Well, this is the same concept with painting. If you have an oily greasy surface the paint will not adhere properly. Also, sanding your project before cleaning will just push the oils and grease into the wood surface, even scuff sanding. 

So taking the few minutes to clean your project surface thoroughly will ensure the best possible outcome when you have finished your project.

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