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Glaze Information and How-To Videos

Our Antiquing Glaze is lightly tinted to a rich brown for the perfect antiquing look and soft matte finish.

With an exceptional ease of application with a long open time, our Antiquing Glaze delivers the performance of a professional finish that everyone can achieve!

Also Available as a Clear Glaze to which you can add our paint or metallic.



Apply liberally with a brush of your choice and then wipe back with lint free cloth to achieve desired effect. If there are detailed crevices this is where the glaze will really show its glory!

For areas where there will be lots of water contact like kitchen cabinets or table tops, allow the glaze to dry 24-48 hours before applying a top coat using our Tough Coat or Gel Stain. if being used in an area of high water traffic like kitchen cabinets.

TIP: If adding tint or paint to the clear glaze, test to ensure your desired pigmentation is achieved prior to application by doing a test patch.


  • You could use a damp cloth to remove more glaze
  • The clear glaze can be tinted with any of the Fusion paint colors including the Metallic!
  • If you glaze large flat areas that will get washed and wipe add a topcoat to protect your work.


As with the Fusion Mineral Paint The glaze is also matte unless you add one of our Metallic for some shimmer!


The glaze has an extended open time giving you plenty of time to work with it so dry and cure time is slightly longer than our paints. Dry time is typically 24-48 hours and cured in 28 days


You can use our glazes for lots of faux finishes including faux wood grain, ragging, striated patterns and so much more.

The Glaze can also be used to give our paint a little longer open time and works well in our Metallic.

It can also be used to create the same effects as our waxes can but have the added bonus of being water based.


Can you make a custom colored glaze for me?

The only colors available are Clear and Antiquing, but you can mix custom glazes very easily! Just add a couple drops of paint to your Clear Glaze to give it a brand new hue. We use about 1 part paint to 3 parts glaze.

What color is the Antiquing Glaze?

The Antiquing Glaze is a brown color, pigmented to the perfect color for ageing.

How do I use Glaze?

It is so easy to use Glaze! Simply brush or wipe on, being sure to get it into the details and crevices that you want to accentuate. Then simply wipe away the excess until you are happy with the look! Glaze has a really long open/drying time so you have a lot of time to play around with it and get the look you want.

Check this post for more information: https://fusionmineralpaint.com/perfect-french-blue-paint-colour/

Why isn’t my Glaze drying?

Our Glaze has a really long open time – meaning it takes a while to dry. Depending on your humidity, it may take up to 24 hours to dry completely.

Application Tool  Brush, Sponge, Rag
Location  Interior surfaces
Re-coat Time  12-24 hrs
Dry Time  12 hrs
Top Coat  Required on surfaces that will come into water contact such as cabinets. Any top coat can be applied.
Clean Up  Water
Coverage  75 sq.ft.
Finish/Sheen  Matte
Recommended Uses  Add age to your furniture that can be easily painted over in future. Accentuate details and texture on a painted piece.
Can Be Applied To  Painted surfaces. Non-oil, no wax surfaces.
Can Be Painted Over  After 24 hours
How to Prep  Apply to a clean previously painted, wax or oil free surface
Cure Time  28 Days
Maintenance/ Cleaning  Clean as required, mild soap and water.


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