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Welcome to the New Year - 2023

Located in Alamo Craft Company in San Antonio, Texas. We carry Fusion Mineral Paint, Jolie Home Paint, Resign with Prima Transfers, Stencils, and Decoupage Paper, Stallmeester and Zibra Paintbrushes! We also create Home Decor, Furniture, and DIY Kits for everyone!

There have been so many changes in our world today, we thought that we jump on the band wagon too! Our name, originally, we came up with the name B's BoDevil Designs using the first initials of my children (B's) and the nickname my husband gave me (BoDevil), however most people mispronounced the nickname and thought it was meant Devil, well it is really pronounced "BoDeevil". To clean that up we condensed the name to B's Bo D Designs. This just took the confusion out of it all. During this process we thought we would also do a facelift to the site and marketing materials! Little shabby kinda chic!

Also, part of the changes that are being passed down, our vendors have increased pricing. Thankfully, we carry great lines that it is a no brainer! But there will be changes coming to the pricing online and in-store. We continue to look for high quality items to sell to you all and have been shopping around. I can say that this year you will see more colors from Jolie Home available, possibly discontinued colors from Fusion Mineral Paint, more Prima products and more! We will also offer free shipping on Paint and Accessories, however due to the size and bulky nature of the Home Decor and Furniture there will be shipping fees.

We will also do our absolute best to have one Workshop or a Demo session a month, closer to the end of each month. The Demo sessions will be where we are there in-store to answer questions and help with projects. To be honest, I also have a full-time job Monday - Friday 8-5 and spend my weekends in the shop decompressing from the week! But for you all that love our products so much and have questions we want to be there for you!

I want to thank you all for shopping with us and look forward to what the New Year will bring!