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Brush Soap Information and How-To Videos

This beautiful Brush Soap is your #1 friend!

It will wash your brushes, leaving them clean and lovely and it will condition the bristles leaving them soft and malleable.

If you want the best results from your work, you NEED this product.

Application Tool To clean brushes used for water based products
Clean Up  Water
Coverage  Many brushes and large surface areas
Recommended Uses To be used to clean water based paints from brushes, rollers, or surface areas where paint may have spilled.


For oil based brushes be sure to use our odourless solvent

How to Use  Apply a dime size amount to your brush, lather and rinse
Maintenance/ Cleaning

 Clean as required, mild soap and water





This beautiful Brush Soap is THE must have product for anyone who loves to paint.

Made from naturally refined linseed oil, a derivative of flax seed, Fusion™ Linseed Soap safely cleans and conditions all of your artist brushes.

This soap will bring back to life even the most dried out of brushes!

Simply lather up your hands or paintbrush, almost shampooing the bristles for a few minutes. Rinse well and repeat if needed.


This Brush and hand soap will last as only a small amount is needed.


  • 100% natural, non-toxic and virtually odourless!
  • Acts as a shampoo and conditioner for your brushes.


This soap will bring back to life even the most dried out of brushes!

Use for all types of brush hair, from sable to synthetic. Great for cleaning hands, floors and work surfaces!

For a greener studio and well-cared artist tools.


What can I clean with it?

Water based paints from brushes, or paint on your hands or other surfaces.

Will it save my dried out old brushes with paint on them?

It’s quite possible that this will revive even the worst brushes with dried paint. Simply apply the brush soap onto the surface and let it sit for 24 hours to break down the paint. The lather and rinse.

Does it condition my brush as well?

Yes! This will also condition your brush bristles!

Is it eco-friendly?

Yes! This is completely eco friendly using natural linseed oil as a base.


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