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Website Maintenance - Information Links

*** Update 06/19/23 - All links and Library Videos are now updated. Please contact us if there are any issues. Thank you again for your patience through this process! ***

*** Update 6/6/2023 - All the Library Videos and How To information has been completed. I will begin working on the links with the item descriptions. Thank you for your patience! **

Hello all! After further inspection, it seems that some of our links are not working properly for the information on How-To's and Videos. Over the next few weeks, we will be working on this it will take a little time to complete and then verify all links throughout the site. It seems that when we changed the name of the store at the beginning of the year this became an issue. The website is still functioning for viewing products and checkout. The problem is with the How-To and Information pages in the "click here" sections. 

Sorry for the inconvenience! I can imagine the frustration! But we are working diligently to complete this update. 

Thank you,

Diane Maples