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Our Murphy Bed Build

Since I took over one of our bedrooms to have a clean indoor area to paint, I had to also come up with a way to have a hide a bed thing too! Along came the Murphy Bed. I researched plans and options before settling on the plan that I felt would be easy for me to build and something that would be useful in the space that it was in.

Let me first tell you this was not an easy build by myself, my husband great fully assisted me! Without his assistance I would have never been able to complete an install this monster! 

When I found the right plan, I purchased it, but I had to make my tweaks. I like the big chunky furniture and wanted this to last for some time. I mean I'm putting a lot of work and time into this; we want it to last.




The frame for the outside of the bed was made of 3/4" plywood, we changed this to 2" x pine. This provided more support for the overall bed when standing up, plus this gave it a little more character. then build the mattress frame as the plan stated, but I added my flare to the face, the outside (bottom) of the bed. Again, this had to be practical use of space in my craft room/inventory storage area. 



Overall, I enjoyed the build and would love to do it again!