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Canvas Bags and Fusion Mineral Paint

So today we had a few minutes to play with canvas tote bags, iron on vinyl, and Fusion Mineral Paint!

Using my Circuit I created our business name and web address out of black iron on vinyl and cut a stencil, "Do Something creative Everyday", to paint using Fusion Mineral Paint. I really wanted to test out the Fusion on these Canvas bags before setting up a class. 

I am pleased to say that this was way easier than I thought it was going to be! All I did was place my stencil on the bag and paint. I used a makeup sponge to dab the paint, starting with a very thin coat and then a second coat. Ash was used on the top and bottom and Azure was used in the middle. Yes, it was really that simple! The paint dried in just a few minutes! I am very impressed with the way the Fusion Mineral Paint came out! 

Needless to say you do have to be careful due to the paint soaking through the fabric, but this was an easy fix! I used a piece of cardboard inside the bag to keep the paint from bleeding through! Easy peasy!!

We will defiantly be having a workshop with these coming soon!